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Escape from the Two Base Stations - North Pole Game Kit(English Edition)

商品番号 SCR-03-1878




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‘Escape from the Two Base Stations’ is a new style of escape game kit that allows two players in different locations to play together using a video call app of their choice.

Price: 1,800 yen (incl. tax)

A game produced specially for a time like this. Play this escape game in the form of a physical game kit in the comfort of your home!

With no time limit on it, anyone can experience an authentic escape game with this puzzle game kit! The only catch? You’ll need to find a friend to send the other half of the game kit to, and cooperate with each other to solve the puzzles.

One side will have the “North Pole Kit” and the other will have the “South Pole Kit”. Progress through the story together by sharing information from each unique kit through a video call app of your choice.

*This is a "remote communication game" played remotely. Players have to share information from their own kit through video call in order to solve the puzzles.

*The game cannot be played with this kit alone. You will need to play the game with another person who has purchased the South Pole Kit.

*IMPORTANT: Purchasing from this page will get you only the North Pole Kit (one half of the set).

(Buy only the South Pole Kit here )


The two of you have infiltrated a secret organization’s communication base stations, one located in the North Pole and the other in the South Pole.
Your mission is to stop the completion of a terrifying weapon being developed at these base stations.

Using a smartphone to communicate with each other,
the both of you finally make it to the deepest level of the facility…
Suddenly, a deafening alarm wails!

“Intruder Detected! Intruder Detected!”
“Security protocol initiated. Both bases will now enter lockdown.”
Just when things seemed dire, you both find
an encrypted security deactivation manual.
However, it looks like the manuals only make sense
by combining information from the North Pole and the South Pole...

What’s worse, the manuals are also acting as a jamming device,
making it impossible to show the manual to one another through the camera!
Will the two of you be able to communicate information effectively
under these circumstances, and escape from the bases?

●Game Requirements / Important Points

・If you are planning to play the game with a friend who lives apart from you, it would be best to each purchase one of the kits. Please discuss beforehand which one of you will order the South Pole kit and the other the North Pole kit. After deciding, please purchase the correct kits to be delivered to your respective addresses.

・There is no difference in difficulty between the South Pole Kit and North Pole Kit.

・You must have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to the internet and can conduct a video call with your friend.

・During the game, you will need to access a website to use a chat bot.

・All data costs incurred via the video call or messaging app will be borne by the customer.

・There is no time limit for this game. Feel free to challenge the game at your preferred time and pace!

●Product Information (Per kit)

Packaging: Sealed Envelope (B5 Size)

Envelope Content:
・Smaller envelopes with puzzle sheets inside (4 pcs)
・’How To Play’ explanation sheet (1 pc)
・Successful Escape Card (1pc)

●Produced By

SCRAP / Shigeo Takahashi (Comedy Duo Savanna)

●Supported By

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.